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Already started designing websites in the late nineties and made it my profession in the early 2000s. With a main focus on Macromedia Flash, the foundation was set for moving graphics. After studying graphical design with focus on multimedia I worked for several agencies like Publicis Berlin, but stayed for many years at KircherBurkhardt which now is called "C3" and is the largest provider of Content Marketing in Europe. 

After a couple of years I got more and more into moving images, either live-action film or graphics. I combined this passion with my other passion for traveling and sports. And traveled the world filming some of the best athletes and working for the biggest watersports companies.

Now I'm available for either freelance or complete support of graphic or filming projects.

This is just an excerpt of some Moving Images projects I’ve done over the past years. You might find more current work in my JOURNAL. And there is even more. Contact me to see more.





Naish 2016 intro/ident

Short crisp logo-animation for Naish International, one of THE Windsurfing brands.

fleek fashion app ad

Concept, Animation, full service for Zalando's new subsidiary fashion shipping company.

Stylight iPhone-animations

Animations I made at C3 Creative Code and Content.


Telekom Smart home

Basic explainer animation for Telekom Smart Home at C3.

Starboard 2014 Intro/Ident

Short crisp logo-animation for Starboard International.


Short crisp logo-animation for Naish International.


Denmark in december

My last bigger windsurfing clip I've filmed and edited in December 2015


aloha classic event ident

Short crisp logo-animation for one of the world's most prestigious windsurfing-event.

Social media animation clip

Animations I made at C3 Creative Code and Content.

Butterfly effect intro/ident

Short crisp event-logo-animation



Animations I made at C3 Creative Code and Content.

Little Company IDENT

Short crisp logo-animation for one of the Cabrinha International.


Animations/ident set for an event-coverage, aired couple years ago on NBC Asia.


Porsche / Naish

Image Clip with the Windsurf-Legend Robby Naish for Porsche.

my first (FUN) VIDEO

The good old times... How my video work all started.